May 18th 2015 was an important date for plants with Fascination of Plant’s Day and Plant Conservation Day being held across the world. What’s important to remember about both of these days is that crops are also plants which need protection, conservation and utilisation. Fascination of Plants Day is in its third year since it was launched in 2012 under the European Plant Science Organisation and the Global Plant Council. Plants make our world, they are the primary producers and provide humans and animals with a source of food and energy, medicines and chemicals, shelter and paper. Without them there is no sustenance and no means of life. It is fundamental that we continue raising awareness about the importance of the crop wild relative’s projects and its aims of protecting the crops that provide global food security and their wild relatives. Growing global populations, changing climatic conditions and habitat destruction impact all our plants worldwide – but we need to ensure that we continue the work of protecting and preparing plants that could feed the world in the years to come.

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