Collecting Crop Wild Relatives Video

Collecting Crop Wild Relatives- Safeguarding the Biodiversity that is the foundation of our food security.

The newest Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) video is live and highlights what is being done to secure the wild relatives of our major food plants!

In this video we hear from our CWR seed collecting partners in Malaysia and Lebanon, two of 24 countries involved in this global collecting effort. Learn about the role of the CWR project and why this work, and our collecting partners, are vital for food security. Collecting crop wild relatives is not easy, but the progress made so far in safeguarding this valuable material allows us to share these important genetic resources with the rest of the world.

The CWR Project strengthens national genebanks’ collections and helps fill gaps in international safeguarding efforts. This 10-year global effort is made possible by the generous funding provided by Norway.

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