Building Capacity in Collecting and Conserving Crop Wild Relatives

How do you go about finding and collecting seeds from a scraggly looking crop wild relative in a prairie or a tropical forest, when you’ve never done it before? Once you’ve collected them, how do you keep track of the seeds conserved in your genebank? These are but two of the key questions that have been addressed in numerous workshops that have been carried out worldwide as part of the Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) Project.

Since the project began, training has been offered in collecting and conserving seeds, pre-breeding methods, developing quality management systems for genebanks and comprehensively managing the data that accompanies this diversity.

“As our partners gain or expand their technical abilities, skills and know-how they become stronger professionals,” said Benjamin Kilian, CWR Project coordinator. “Beyond the seeds collected or the countless crosses made to climate-proof our crops, this is the unseen, added value that the CWR Project brings.”

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