This page is still under development, and currently displays an incomplete list of acknowledgments of the photographers and videographers who provided the images and videos found on this site.

Home Page

Sunflower video – Kurtis Baute

About CWR

Wild peanut video – Neil Palmer (CIAT)

Photo to the right of “History of a variety” – Neil Palmer (CIAT)

The Project

Wild bean video – Neil Palmer (CIAT)

Partnership pages

Collecting in Azerbaijan – Jens Aarstein Holm (Flickr)

Collecting in Brazil – M.J.Ambriola (Flickr)

Collecting in Georgia – George Mel (Flickr)

Collecting in Italy – Bruno (Flickr)

Collecting in Lebanon – Eusebius@Commons (Flickr)

Collecting in Malaysia – Ahmad Safri Yusop (Flickr)

Collecting in Nigeria – tyler sprague (Flickr)

Collecting in Vietnam – Patrik M. Loeff (Flickr)

Alfalfa Pre-breeding Project – M a n u e l (Flickr)

Carrot Pre-breeding Project – ayngelina (Flickr)

Chickpea Pre-breeding Project – ICRISAT (Flickr)

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