Collecting Seeds Is Not Easy: A Crop Wild Relatives Video-interview

In this short CWR video-interview, Michael Way, Conservation Partnership Co-ordinator (Americas), MSB, Kew, discusses the challenges seeds collectors face in the field. As part of the CWR Project’s global collecting efforts, last year (2017) Michael led a week-long workshop in Vicuna, Chile, where 16 participants from six Latin American countries came together to strengthen their technical know-how on collecting and conserving crop wild relatives. (Subtitled in English.)

“It’s urgent to collect these genetic resources now. During our two field expeditions in Chile, we saw agricultural expansion and areas planned for house construction — as part of the normal development of the country. However the problem is that this will be on top of the genetic resources. Possibly on top of the crop wild relatives. We must work fast, to collect and conserve them in our genebanks.”

Michael Way, Conservation Partnership Co-ordinator (Americas), Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

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