Recent crop wild relative’s related publications and news articles include:

  • Crop Wild Relatives of Pigeon Pea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.]: Distributions, ex situ conservation status, and potential genetic resources for abiotic stress tolerance
  • Distributions, ex situ conservation priorities, and genetic resource potential of crop wild relatives ofsweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.,I. series Batatas]
  • Ex Situ Conservation priorities for the wild relatives of potato (Solanum L. Section Petota)
  • New disease-resistant banana variety accepted in Japanese market
  • China’s crop wild relatives: Diversity for agriculture and food security
  • Elicitin recognition confers enhanced resistance toPhytophthora infestans in potato
  • Endemic wild potato (Solanum spp.) biodiversity status in Bolivia: reasons for conservation concerns
  • Potato/sweet potato to improve Pacific food security
  • Discovery of beans that can beat the heat could save “meat of the poor” from global warming
  • Safeguarding rice biodiversity
  • Museum scientists are seeking out wild relatives of food plants native to Peru to help breeders prepare stronger crops for the future


Written by : Danielle Haddad – Crop Wild Relatives Communications Assistant


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