Genome Canada has announced the fantastic news that two of our Project pre-breeding partners, the Rieseberg Lab at the University of British Columbia and the Pulse Crop Research Group at the University of Saskatchewan have won two significant grants as part of the Agricultural Genomics competition. The sum of 7.9 Million CAD has been awarded to each of the research groups to support sunflower and lentil research efforts, both of which include wild relatives in their programs. The University of Saskatchewan focuses on the application of genomics to innovation in the lentil economy (AGILE), whilst the University of British Columbia will focus on abiotic stress resistance in wild and cultivated sunflowers.

Both of these newly funded projects will be complementary to the prebreeding projects that the Crop Wild Relatives Project is supporting, and will use some of the germplasm developed or evaluated under the project. We send our congratulations to both teams involved!

Genome Canada announcement

Lentil: Application of genomics to innovation in the lentil economy (AGILE)
(UoS press release)

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